The Paneless Window Washing Difference

When I first started this business back in 2005, I was a new dad.  I decided after 10+ years as a self-employed fitness trainer and massage therapist, I needed to go in a different direction.

Why did I choose a dirty and dangerous profession like this?  It’s quite simple really.  My wife made me do it!  She argued that my obsessive compulsion for perfection makes cleaning a perfect fit for me.  I guess it’s okay to admit that she was right (as usual).

I had little idea how dramatically different cleaning companies could be and how difficult it would be to help my customers understand this fact.  How could I prove that PaneLess Window Washing was better?  The reality is… talk is cheap!  I hate to say it but, the proof is in the end result folks.  From the bottom of my heart, I promise that you won’t get the old “splash and Dash” from my staff and me.

My “mission” is to provide an amazing experience for customers through superior cleaning, customer service, and business practices in an effort to earn long term relationships.

My employees are all law abiding English speaking American citizens.  I pay them a fair wage from which they pay taxes.  They are thoroughly trained by me in both SAFETY and procedure and are fully insured under my general liability and worker’s comp. insurance policies.  In addition to training, I emphasize accountability, sensitivity and respect for your time and space.

With each estimate I always references from previous customers to see if others will validate my claim of being the best provider of window, gutter, and power washing services around.



Don Cahill

Owner, PaneLess Window Washing

Residential and Commercial Services

We are a locally owned company catering to homeowners and small businesses alike.  Focused on providing quality services at affordable rates, PaneLess Window Washing is here to serve you.

  • Window cleaning
  • Power washing
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Screen repair

Our Dedicated Crew