Not all window cleaners are created equal! There is McDonald’s and there is Morton’s Steak house. It’s a question of “value”.

“Value” and “Price” are NOT the same thing at all! We give you the best bang for your buck – bar none! Our pricing is right in the middle (so to speak in Montgomery, Bucks, Berks, Chester, Lehigh Counties ) yet our attention to detail is easily the best around. I doubt that our competitors would disagree with that statement. That’s not say that they are lousy. “Different strokes for different folks”. It’s really that simple. Think of it this way. We give you a Morton’s steak for the price of Arbys.

Yes, we claim to be the highest quality cleaner around by a lot! Not every customer cares about the high amount of detail that we profess. Luckily, our prices are still on par with everyone else. Our “OCD” works to your advantage 😉